Weekend in Prague !

Philipp Schmid, Stefan Hohenthanner and Matthias Mayer from Escalade spontaneously travelled to Prague in the Czech Republic to join the Parkour Jam. Alongside our hungarian friends there were also many Czech and Slovakian traceurs - in total over 200 ! After our efficient and aim-oriented travel, which took us only eight hours instead of the planned four hours, we engaged in a very long and difficult balance and climb mission, before we moved into our sleeping place - our car. I will not mention the interesting chat we had with the Prague police about the awesome statue of the Czech saint of Bohemia - the conversation was worth a lot to us!
The next morning we had to find out the whereabouts of the Parkour meeting - it turned out to be not that easy, as no Czech spoke German except the policemen - so we relied on English and the very limited Hungarian vocabulary of Stefan and Philipp. Unbelievably, we actually found the Jam. We trained the whole day and visited a few spots in Prague. The spot "Vltavska" blew us away - it is a completley senseless clutter of random walls in every height and combination. After several trys of ceising training, we gave up and trained on - so unfortunately we didn´t even have time to film anything.
Completley green with training we eventually drove to our Czech host Toman, where we had a barbecue and a place to sleep. The evening was extremly entertaining - so was the movie about prehumanoid cave monsters that we watched after the advice of Tomi and Adam.
In a nutshell we can say that the trip was a total success with many highlights - and most importantly: we made new friends!

Matthias Mayer