Galileo/Episode Eleven - shooting

Benjamin Kratzin, Stephan Hohenthanner and Matthias Mayer were on a video shooting for the German television series "Galileo". The shhoting took place at the socalled "Kultfabrik" in Munich, which is an area with lots of graffiti pieces and therefore a perfectly suited for the theme of the shoot. It was about the trends set in the 90s in Germany - graffiti art.
The athletes of Escalade were needed to display the escape of some graffiti artists from the security service. We executed the choreography and stunts, that we planned berforehand. The location offered lots of possibilities for interesting chasing routes through alleys and over rooftops - lots of fun and challenging! The result will be aired on Pro7, Wednesday the .11.2011 at the "Galileo broadcast (7.10 pm).

Matthias Mayer