Parkour workshop in Munich

On the 2.11.2011 Matthias Mayer and Benjamin Kratzin hold a workshop for a Swiss music school class.
After the short theoretical oral introduction about the creation and developement of Parkour and Freerunning, the group started with a thorough warm-up.
Afterwards the pupils, aged between 16 and 17 years were brought closer to some basic Parkour techniques to eventually conquer short routes over a short obstacle course. The workshop took place in the Munich olympic village. The location offers obstacles in every height and size, so every participant had appropriate challenges. After the two hour programme some volunteers got to try the wallflip(backflip with a step on a wall)with our assisstence - spectators were visibly amused :D. Eventually no one could hide away from the finishing workout consisting of push-ups and pull-ups.
In a nutshell it was a nice workshop with a great group. The participants will remember the workshop at least a few days ;-). Some even anounced that they will continue training Parkour from now on. Welcome in the worldwide Parkour community!

Matthias Mayer